I’m fantastic, I’m romantic
always horny, never cool
I’m your Balkan, Balkan girl

I’m sexy, I’m smart
I could always break your heart
find a black mail for my mind
catch your moments in my time

I’m not happy when I think
but Im happy when I drink
I could walk on heaven’s side
I’m your witch and I’m your bride

Ref. 2x
I’m your Balkan, Balkan girl
half a woman, half a fool

When you start me I may bite
like the dog defends his rights
I could die for stupid things

Something turns me to hard dreams
to much brain to get insane
we could have a special game

Ref. 2x

I love children when they sleep
too much noise make me scream
makes me nervous, makes me sad
I just want you in my bed, in my bed

I want you, I need you, aha

Desire, kills me

Come on, be my slave

I’m your Balkan, Balkan girl

Ref. 4x