Jah knows the riddim of my heart
say Jah, say Jah
Jah make I and I to rise
say Jah, say Jah

Why people don’t feel
why people don’t believe
in things they can’t touch
or they can’t feel

Why are they so mean
why are they so evil
they forgot how to love
how to forgive

They don’t know
what’s good or bad
they don’t know
what’s right or wrong
but they know how to kill
how to shot

When this nightmare
gonna end up
when this people
gonna stand up
and set the devil man
on the run

Road is getting harder
life is getting cheaper
skin colour manages our rights

Big bosses have big plan
soldier is you ready now
for the wicked people you will fight

There is only one God
you can call Him what you wabt
but some people
try to disrespect his being
but when they’re down and sad
and when they need a help
they look up in the sky
and call His name

Jah knows the riddim of my heart
every time I look around
I see an everlasting shine

Jah knows the riddim of my heart
just listen to this sound
and follow the signs