We like to move it
like to movin’ a lot
we keep on dancing all night
and we don’t want to stop

Cos’ we like to do it
we do it ’till we die
all you people make your move
and dive into this vibe

Please don’t fake it
just react and hear this song
dance like nobody’s watch
just lose control

Now it’s time to move it
and to do what you want
let’s dive into this vibe
and open your soul

Let’s move it
yes, we like to do it
we sure you like to do it
yes, we like to do it

Movin’ non stop
movin’ is good for people
movin’ is good for heart
let’s stay together
dancin’ trough the night
music is like mountain
so let’s climb to the top

We move and groove now
dancing all night
musical unity is what we try
to prove you
not fool you
just move you

Keep you on the dance floor
this riddim is so real
cos’ this music want’s to live