Your life is on the mess
but you want it to progress
how can you progress
when devil put you on the test

Sometimes you insist
you just want to exist
but how can you exist
when you not on their list

All the traps are set
they just wait for your mistakes
for every word you said
they will burn you on the stake

They watch you every move
they’re waiting for the right time
to find all your weaknesses
and then they’ll bring you down

You think that you’re safe now
but your faith is in their hands now
don’t be easy to manipulate
or fire will burn your face

Your life is on the test
but you want it to progress
you need to give your best
to take yourself ot of this

You need to stand up strong
and don’t let them make you wrong
always fight your battles
and always fight your wars

Don’t lie to yourself
don’t lie to your friends
always face your problems
but never show regrets

It’s time to make a move
it’s time to walk up proud
now it’s your chance
to give your best a shot

Now you are strong
your faith is in your hands now
you’re not easy to manipulate
now you are safe