I saw my ID and it wasn’t me
it was someone else’s identity
why do I need to prove myself
and who is the judge of my sanity

Roaming through my old emotions
I find new feelings of misery
I bet with my soul to get back the truth
where I will face reality

Ref. 2x
Life is a book and you gotta read it
life is a story,and you gotta tell it
life is a song and you gotta sing it
you’ve got to know how to live it

Walking around, some thoughts on my mind
I search for a place where I’ll be free
from all that is said and all that’s been done
it’ll be hard to find it inside of me

Ref. 2x

I know that I’ve gotta try
no one can see me cry
I can’t take it anymore
I must find a way to let myself go

Oh yeah
(life is a, life is, life is, life is)
life is true, you know it, don’t you

Ref. 2x